Fresh Medicines

Tatkshana ayurveda is trying to bring in a revolution in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical sphere by giving maximum benefit of Ayurvedic medicines by retaining their effectiveness and potency.
Tatkshana ayurveda makes the medicines when it is required and make use of it in a short period of their making. This is being researched at their R & D centre in Purnayu Bio Science Pvt Ltd,, Bangalore.

Sample Preparations

At Tatkshana Ayurveda, the medicines are prepared based on orders from Clients. Here is a sample of Desi Ghee A2 prepared for usage in medicines. Also the Mango seeds are collected and dried for medicine preparation for females.

Fresh Medicines from Fresh Herbs, Customized for Individual needs

The Ayurvedic Medicines are prepared in the form of Swarasa, Churna, Kashaya, Thaila, Ghritha or Lehya freshly from plants only based on the patients needs either in small quantity or large quantity. Quick delivery of Freshly prepared medicines are ensured.