Fresh Guggulu

Guggulu means "protects from disease" and refers to the resin formed from the sap of the Guggulu tree.

  • Trayodashanga Guggulu

    • Widely used in the treatment of low back pain, sciatica, arm pain, locked jaw, knee joint pain, foot pain, arthritis pain and myalgia.
    • It provides strength to the nerves, bones, joints, muscles and ligaments.
    • It is effective in all types of diseases related to nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

Fresh Lepa

Lepa is a herbal paste formulation which is applied on the affected area for a particular span of time and then is washed off. It is generally used in swelling and injuries.

  • Dashanga Lepa

    • Used in the treatment of fever, head ache, skin diseases such as eczema, herpes wound, etc.
    • It is made into a paste along with ghee and applied locally.

Fresh Arishta

Arishta is prepared using fermentation process along with herbal decoctions.

  • Takrarishta

    • Its main action is observed on digestive system including stomach, intestines and liver.
    • It is carminative, astringent, stool binder and appetizer.
    • Takrarishta is mainly used for chronic diarrhea and bowel disturbances including irritable bowel syndrome.