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Few years back say 10 years before, A doctor couple started an enquiry in to the biggest mystery of Ayurveda!
Would like to know what they searched for?
They started thinking, why Ayurveda is considered as Slow!
They felt that there is a mismatch between what is promised in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures as fast curing method and what a belief is spread among public is just opposite to it. They decided to unravel this through vigorous research. As a result of their efforts, few interesting points emerged, two important points where, Ayurvedic treatment should be with freshly prepared medicines to get fast and better results and not with that of stored medicines.. Second point was a Proper Nadi diagnosis is required to understand the imbalances in one’s constitution and it helps identify best suited medicines. Thus, Dr Ashakiran and Dr Manasa Bhat started preparing Ayurvedic medicines afresh after consulting the patients, leading to fast and better cure for almost all who received treatment.

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